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In house lab

Dana, one of our in-house lab technicians, is trained at the Masters level in ceramics.

Our staff is devoted to providing our patients with quality care in every way. We made a commitment in 1990 to take a step above and beyond our patients’ expectations. Our doctors knew that in order to do this, we would need an in-house dental laboratory, which is rarely found in a dental office. By providing this service to our patients, we can streamline their experiences while also assuring they get the smile they expect.

Personalized Care

The laboratory technicians will meet face-to-face with the patient. The technicians can then work more accurately with the symmetry of the individual’s teeth and better customize each tooth. In turn, it also allows the patient to ask questions and make specific requests directly to the technician.


With an in-house laboratory, the technicians meet the patients and report to our doctors, establishing a natural sense of accountability. Having the laboratory on-site also allows for corrections to implants, and our doctors can oversee every step of the process. When the laboratory work is out-sourced, patients may have to wait longer for their prostheses without getting the same attention to detail.


Unlike many labs, all of our laboratory technicians utilize microscopes for all work. Precision is important when working with implants or anything fitting over the teeth. Imprecise measurements and loose-fitting, rough margins can lead to increased decay, periodontal disease, bone loss and other issues.  We highly value excellence in every part of the dental implant process, and having an on-site laboratory allows us to closely monitor the work that we provide each patient.

The People in the Lab

Dana, our senior technician, has been with our office since 1990. Having owned her own lab for many years, Dana found it the most rewarding to work in a private laboratory setting like ours. She focuses her talents in dental ceramics and is trained at the Masters Level. She trains extensively with some of the world’s greatest ceramists. Kris came to our office in 2002 after having worked in both commercial and private labs. She also prefers the in-house environment, working closely with Dana and our doctors on every smile we create. We are proud to have them both on staff at the Forte Implant Center.

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