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To schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation, call the Forte Dental Implant Center. Our doctors provide state-of-the-art dental implants for residents of Plano, North Dallas, Frisco and the DFW metroplex.

Cosmetic Dentistry Client Testimonial: Vivian discusses her experience

Client Testimonial: Karen discusses her experience with cosmetic dentistry

Dallas Dental Implant Client’s Post Operation Experience

Forte Implant Center: Creating the Perfect Smile

Here is what our patients think about us:

The dental hygienist was very thorough and professional and explained everything he was doing and why. The receptionist was very friendly and made sure that all my questions were answered.
-Lyle, Patient

Dr. Fitzgerald has developed a team that works. My plan of care, after several health problems and ongoing recovery, still includes keeping my teeth and gums as strong as I can.
-Sylvia, Patient

EVERYONE is always courteous and respectful.
-Pat, Patient

Mario, Laura, and Dr. Lee were all very personable.
-Jon, Patient

I always receive excellent care with all of Dr. Fitzgerald’s team.
-Lora, Patient

Thank you for your great workmanship. It’s always a great feeling to walk out with such smooth, clean teeth after a cleaning appointment.
-Cheryl, Patient

Johnny was awesome! I was very impressed and appreciated your care and attention to my dental needs.
-Gretchen, Patient

I am so pleased with all the care that I have received at your office. Dr. Fitzgerald is always great about explaining everything, avoiding as much pain as possible and doing everything to perfection. Everyone in the office has been great to me and seems to really care about what they do. I believe I am in excellent hands and am glad I found your office. Thanks so much for all you do and for caring about your patients so much.
-Betsy, Patient

Our experience was excellent. John greeted me upon arrival and gave me excellent treatment. Thank you!!
-Joan, Patient

The staff and Dr. Fitzgerald were all very effecient and very courteous. I was very pleased with my visit.
-Billy, Patient

You seem to have it covered, with pillows for your neck, back or legs, hygenist explains every detail and the entire office seems to be on top of everything.
-Anonymous, Patient

I absolutely love Dr. Fitzgerald and his staff. They always go out of the way to make me comfortable. He truly cares and takes the time to sit and explain things clearly and makes me feel comfortable. I am truly blessed to have such a caring dentist and his staff.
-Dana, Client

I recommend dental implants to anyone that has need of them. The dental implants have dramatically improved my quality of life and refreshed my smile! On top of that, having them placed at Dr. Fitzgerald’s office removed any stress that a procedure like that could cause. Not only did I only have to visit one office for all parts of the procedure, but they cared more about me than I even expected them to. This has been an awesome experience.
-Dan B.

Dr. Fitzgerald actively listened, was open and honest with me, and addressed my questions and concerns. The kindness in which he exemplified was also reflected in his staff. I am looking forward to a great relationship as well as a beautiful smile.
– Alice, Client

Everyone gave me the feeling that they cared about me, not just as a patient, but as a person. Thanks.
– David, Client

Your office is absolutely beautiful and your dental equipment “state of the art” and the hygienist was very pleasant and professional.
– Marilyn, Client

When going in for my restorations, I actually got to meet the technician that was going to be making my new teeth. The technician cared about me and was able to fit my teeth to where they looked like they belonged in my mouth. I felt genuinely cared about and catered to.
– Sheila R., Client

I was impressed that Dr. Fitzgerald actually looked at the information in the extensive forms I completed prior to my visit and addressed the items I listed. All of you “put your best foot forward.” Many thanks.
– Anna, Client

A pleasurable visit, as always! Dr. Fitzgerald takes great care of my teeth. I’m thankful for my beautiful smile. It’s a good confidence builder (which is helpful when you’re out on job interviews!)
– Elaine, Client

All personnel were extremely professional and friendly. All procedures needed were explained and advice given on daily dental care. Everything financial was explained in detail and help above and beyond extended. I only wish I had made the decision to change dentists sooner.
– Raylene, Client

I have never been more positively impressed by any dental office. Your friendliness and level of professionalism are second to none. Keep up the good work!
– Pat, Client

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I have never looked forward to going to the dentist, but this was the most enjoyable dental visit I have ever had.
– Joe, Client

I needed to have dental implant surgery, so I was “shopping around” for the best price. I found another office that seemed to have a bit of a lower cost. I went back to Dr. Fitzgerald’s office where he reviewed my treatment plan and was able to make adjustments so that he could match the price. I know he doesn’t do that every time, but he did it for me, and I’m glad he did, because I love my new smile!
– Bradley D., Client

The hygienist did an excellent job. I felt she truly cared about my teeth and gums. She gave me a thorough explanation of the current condition of my mouth and instructed me how to treat some issues I am having with my gums. She listened to my questions and did not seem rushed to get to the next patient. Very professional.
– Carter, Client