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You have two choices when replacing a dental bridge: replace it with another dental bridge, which will not last as long as the first, or replace the missing teeth with dental implants. Dental bridges often fail, because the supporting teeth can no longer support the bridge or the cement holding the bridge leaks, causing decay and more tooth loss. When this happens, patients may need to replace the three-tooth bridge with a four-tooth bridge, which will cause additional problems in the future. With dental implants, the surrounding teeth are not in danger, and you will not experience the additional tooth loss caused by the strain of conventional dental bridges.

Conventional bridge for tooth replacement

Conventional bridge for tooth replacement

Implant supported dental bridges

Dental Implants used instead of bridges

Benefits of Implants over Conventional Dental Bridges

Dental implants will take the pressure off of the teeth that anchored the conventional dental bridge. With dental implants, you can have one individual tooth for each tooth you are missing. The implant will act like your natural tooth, because the tooth root will be replaced with a titanium post. In cases where there are very long dental bridges, we may recommend placing implants in every other tooth position to reduce the cost and healing time.

Our doctors will examine your unique case to determine the ideal option for you.


  • Bone: Ideal bridge-to-implant candidates will need to have adequate bone for implant placement. If necessary, our doctors can add bone to the implant site at the time the implant is placed or before with a bone graft.
  • Gums: Our doctors will ensure that the gum surrounding the implant site looks very natural. If necessary, we can perform a gum graft.
  • Bite: Our skilled ceramists will handcraft an implant restoration that looks natural and functions well with your existing bite.
  • Cosmetics: If a smile makeover is part of the plan, then porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns can be used on the adjacent teeth to maximize the result.

If you’re missing teeth or want to replace an ill-fitting, unnatural-looking dental bridge with dental implants, call the Forte Implant Center to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.