Tetracycline stains, coffee stains, stains from smoking, and wear and tear on the teeth can leave your teeth looking dull, aged and in some cases unattractive.

KoRKoR teeth whitening is a deep bleaching system that is used to treat patients for standard whitening treatments and for those that have tetracycline stains on their teeth. For children especially that take the tetracycline antibiotic, it will discolor his or her teeth.  Veneers are not always a viable solution for these patients, but KoR teeth whitening has been found to be an effective solution.  Recently, as I was browsing the KoR website, I came across a great story of what KoR can do for a person with tetracycline stains.

My name is Walter Mick, and I practice in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. KöR Whitening works wonders for tetracycline cases, and, really, all bleaching cases. I’d like to tell you about the most emotional case I’ve ever treated in my practice. This case had a huge emotional impact on the patient and his wife, and my staff will always remember what happened.

Bill presented to my office as a new patient requesting full-mouth extractions and full dentures. He had all his teeth and no periodontal disease whatsoever; however, he absolutely hated his dark tetracycline-stained teeth (see pre-op photo with C-4 and A-4 shade tabs – his teeth were much darker than C-4) and had trained himself to never smile. The effect on his life was just too much for him to bear. He’d looked into veneers, but there was no way possible for him to afford it. Can you imagine the horrible emotional distress he was in to request full-mouth extractions and dentures?

I’d heard of KöR Whitening by Dr. Rod Kurthy, but I’d never tried it. So Bill was my very first case. You can see that the results were nothing less than miraculous – well beyond our expectations. Bill’s smile was incredible now!

When Bill saw himself in the mirror after we completed KöR Whitening, he literally could not speak. His wife was sitting in the operatory, and the sight of Bill’s new white smile brought her to tears. That day was probably the biggest highlight of my entire dental career.

Before KöR Whitening, we used various combinations of in-office and at-home bleaching, all with disappointing results. Since treating Bill, we use KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching for all of our bleaching cases. The results are always dramatic, predictable and have outstanding outcomes.

There is hope for tetracycline stains and for a restored, beautiful smile with the many advances in today’s dentistry.