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We want you to be as comfortable as possible after your procedure. Please read over all of the instructions below and follow them exactly, so we can be sure we have done everything to keep you comfortable.

  • Please take all prescribed medication. If you have any questions about the medications, call the office immediately.
  • Ice application for the first 36 hours is extremely important. Please keep ice applications on the surgical areas for 20/20 – 20 minutes on and off.  Continue this procedure for the first 36 hours. If you have swelling after 36 hours, you should then apply heat.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcoholic and carbonated beverages for 48 hours after surgery. You may eat whatever you can tolerate and is comfortable to chew. Our doctors suggest Carnation Instant Breakfast. It is highly nutritious, tastes good, and is easy to swallow. Please DO NOT use a straw to drink your liquids.
  • Rinse only with warm salt water and prescribed medications. If a mouth rinse has been prescribed, use this as indicated on the instructions. Please do not rinse vigorously for at least 24 hours. This can cause bleeding and “dry sockets”. You may clean your mouth gently but avoid the surgical area for 2 days.
  • You may have sutures (stitches). It is best to leave them alone. You will be called to set up an appointment to have them removed.  Most sutures are removed 2 weeks after the surgery. If you have dissolving sutures they will come out on their own.
  • Some surgeries involve the placement of implant materials within the bone. Do not be alarmed if you see small white particles or silver circles in the area of the surgery. This is normal and they may or may not disappear.
  • If you have prolonged or severe pain, swelling, bleeding, numbness that lasts longer than 24 hours or a fever, call the office immediately so that exact instructions for care can be given.
  • When using the telephone, be careful not to put pressure on the areas of the surgery site.
  • When sleeping or resting your head avoid lying on the surgical site. Place a towel on your pillow, or wherever you rest your head, to avoid staining the area if you were to experience any bleeding while resting.
  • Keep your head semi-reclined to reduce pain.

Here is a list of the most common questions you may have or instructions you need following dental treatment. Each link will take you to the appropriate topic.

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