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Consultation includes a free 3D CAT scan

  • Our Plano dental implant facility is an all-in-one implant facility.
  • We are the only comprehensive implant care facility in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. All treatment is in done in our office, we have a full service on-site dental laboratory and your follow up cleanings and maintaince are also done on site. We will not send you out to other doctors offices after your care. All will be done in our office.
  • No waiting for your treatment. Everything begins immediately after you choose your options.
  • Meet or beat pricing. We typically meet or beat the prices for the exact same services by other offices.
  •  Our office features digital technology from Simplant, Nobelbiocare and Straumann with CAT scan computer assisted treatment planning for precise placement of the dental implants. With digital X-rays and the Kodak 9500 Cone Beam CAT scanning machine, Dr. Fitzgerald finds the optimal location for successful implant surgery.

Implant Dentistry of Dallas can also perform bone grafts, sinus grafts, or gum grafts for those who weren’t previously a candidate for dental implants. This technology is some of the most advanced available in Dallas. To ensure your comfort, we offer a variety of sedation options.

If you’re missing teeth, call the Forte Implant Center to schedule your complimentary consultation.