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Consultation includes a free 3D CAT scan

I have not been to my medical doctor for years. Do I need a current physical?

We get a medical consult and clearance from your medical doctor before we do surgery. Your doctor will determine if you need to be seen to update your physical.

Can the body reject a dental implant?

No, the body will not reject a dental implant. The reason is that the implant has a surface that keeps the body from recognizing the implant as a foreign body. It is not like people are with transplanted tissue (i.e. heart or lungs), where the body sees the tissue as a foreign body.

I am on blood thinner. Can I have dental implant or other dental surgery?

There is a value to how well your body clots blood, it is call the INR – International Normalized Ratio. If your INR is 2 or less we can do treatment. We will confer with your medical doctor to see what your INR is and if your medication needs to be adjusted to correct the value for surgery.

I am diabetic. Can I have dental surgery?

Controlled diabetics can have dental surgery. If not controlled you will need to see your medical doctor.

I take fosamax or boneva (bisphosponates). Can I have dental surgery?

The rule of thumb for invasive dental surgery is that you must take a drug holiday.  You will need to be off your medication for 8 weeks before surgery then wait another 8 weeks after surgery before starting your medication again. If you have ever been on I. V. medications for bone loss then you may not be a candidate for surgery.  Our doctors may also order blood work to see your bisphosponate medication level.

I plan on having children.  Is there any Rh sensitivity risks with any bone or gum grafting products that come from a tissue bank?

No, these products have the blood cells removed from them so there will be no Rh factor to be sensitive to.