Mastering ‘IT’ Immediate Teeth – Live surgery, Hands-On Prosthetics All On Four Technique

Surgical/ Restorative Hands On Course for Full Arch Immediate teeth replacement using the All-On-Four technique. Live surgery with teeth extraction, Implant Placement and Transition to Immediate teeth for Immediate Loading

This program is designed for those who want to be involved in changing people’s lives through immediate teeth replacement. Treatment planning through execution of a case will be discussed in detail. Application of the principals of full arch reconstruction from CBCT evaluation, pre-surgery treatment planning, immediate load, transition to immediate teeth, post-surgical management, occlusion, final restorative and post restorative management.


  • Treatment planning for IT
  • Experience live surgery – Creating the ideal conditions
  • Implant placement & transition, immediate teeth on models
  • Final teeth A-Z Prosthetic and surgical procedures
  • Interpreting a CBCT scan for IT
  • Using PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) to enhance outcomes
  • What to do pre & post-surgery, immediate and long term
  • Managing occlusion for IT
  • Patient selection for IT
  • Managing & avoiding complications
  • Soft tissue grafting for IT


  • Developing IT in your practice
  • Proven & effective consultation skills
  • Making IT affordable to your patients
  • How to make IT profitable in your office
  • Internal & external marketing
  • Understanding what drives patient Choices for IT

Participants should bring protective clothing and eyewear.